High self esteem is the key to your child’s future so what can you do?

A child’s self esteem is determined by how lovable and how capable they feel.  However, many parenting styles are either overly controlling or over protective. What has been my own experience?

Controlling Parenting style

I’ve been over controlling as a parent – result? Either – a child who conforms (sign of poor self esteem) or becomes a mini me and trys to control me back. The child simply acts in (conforms, people pleases, withdraws, becomes passive, timid and shy when feeling threatened). Alternatively they may act out (temper tantrums, anger, aggression etc). Either child is not feeling respected so it what you are doing, is not working – you may as well try something different. Be the change you want to see.

Over protective Parenting

I’ve been over protective – result? A child who stays a little/ or a lot helpless – who gives up asking to do stuff, who does not have a sense of empowerment, competence and good self esteem. Parenting is about giving opportunities to do things so children reach all the usual milestones at the appropiate time. The mantra is : Never do for a child, what a child can do or learn to do for themselves. Therefore, give opportunities to become enabled and it needs to be okay to make a mistake. The man who never made a mistake – never made anything. Praise and encourage and support your child’s learning efforts.

Authorative Parenting Style

Instead treat with respect, listen and give a child a feeling of being understood, show trust and belief, but most of all give Time and Positive attention. For more: Book the next One Day Parenting workshop.