Time and patience is so important when faced with a challenging child. If the child is tired/sick/hungry the advice is always to ‘AVOID THE BAIT’. Therefore pushing a child to do/say something when she’s tired means you end in in a power struggle – and always pullout of power struggles – and say to yourself – “I will deal with it later” – when she’s open/less tired and going to hear what it is you need to say.

When you act different; others act differently therefore stay consistent regardless of her response.

Remember what works – Loving the child and separating her from her behaviour – so do that and don’t revert to maybe what had not been working . However, its the ‘why’ of her behaviour and I have other blogs that are worth reading as to how to get to the ‘why’ of her behaviour Parents always say they find with a different interaction – they got a different response.

She needs to feel really loved for her person, her behaviour is only one way she expresses herself – the mistake parents make is they withdraw love – never get cross or break relationship over a bit of behaviour – stay in relationship and the child does not feel rejected and react badly – you are all she has got – so that rejection cuts deep

Remind yourself how well you (and she) are doing and affirm both of you to keep doing what was working – our children are very sensitive to love being withdrawn. You are all they have.

Compassion is always the number 1 response to difficult behaviour.