If you really take care of yourself, you can take care of everything else.

What is wellbeing?

Women in particular busy themselves in over caring for others and spotting other people’s needs, but lousy at spotting their own needs. Do you take responsibility for everything and everybody and put yourself last? Then this article is for you!

Balance in Life

Recognize where it came from; maybe when you were young you got recognition for that, so you find it hard to ask for support or help.  When someone offers help, never refuse, instead accept graciously. Accept the compliment, try not to hand it back, seek support when overloaded or overwhelmed, you work hard, you need and deserve a little help and support.

Work Life Balance: Do you take care of your Physical self?

Finding the half hour to exercise makes the rest of the day more manageable

‘When I exercise, things don’t get on top of me’

  • Nurture Self
  • Fit/Healthy
  • Drink/Party in responsible ways
  • Prioritise rest when tired

Emotional Wellness

Emotional Self: (How you feel about yourself – ‘I’m not good enough’ – Self acceptance)

  • Build yourself up/criticise self?
  • Affirm self/not criticise
  • Do you accept the compliment/gift or feel undeserving?
  • ‘I can’t do it,  – ‘I haven’t done it before; but I will give it a try’

Work and Life Balance: Is your work your worth?

Work becomes a way of being visible if you did not feel  loved for self. Our deepest need is to be loved for ourselves and not for what we do. If balancing work/home life is an issue and relationships are suffering, there is a deeper issue ‘How is it you are not looking after yourself?’

Employee Wellness Programs: Set healthy boundaries

Connectivity creates problems however we need boundaries around times we are not available. When is the mobile off? Has the exception become the rule?

  • Take your breaks
  • Prioritise schedule to leave work at work
  • Learn to say No nicely
  • Delegate

Stress reduction: Take responsibility for your own needs and find a way to meet them

Wellness Goals: What new choices & new actions do you need to make?