Help with Parenting: Self-Care is No 1 as you cannot take care of anyone until you first take care of yourself.

 Tips for Parents:

  • Take care of yourself, so you can take care of everything and everyone else!
  • Time Out makes you a Happy Parent
  • Emotional attunement: Stay in touch with how you feel & respond to it
  • Action: What can you do to mind yourself more?

 Parenting Advice:What a child needs: 8 minutes a day of 1:1 time 

  • Time & Positive Attention/eye contact
  • The more attention you give, the less they demand (negatively)
  • Kind, Firm but not Cross Parenting
  • Stop, listen to them & give them a sense of feeling understood
  • Action: Can you give 8 minutes of 1:1 time?

 Positive Discipline:All Behaviour has a reason – what’s the Feeling?

A child who is troubled/troubling is not out to make your life difficult, instead they are showing you how difficult life is for them. Therefore, compassion is the best response to find the cause. Catch them being good, reinforces positive behaviour, ignore misbehaviour.

Parenting Skills:

  • Use Distraction, diversion, humour, choices all help avoid tantrums
  • ‘I see you’re upset, but I cannot help you until you calm down’
  • Press your PAUSE button: ‘Deal with it later’
  • Separate the child from the behaviour: ‘I love you, but that’s not okay’

 Good Parenting: The importance of staying Calm

Parenting Tip: Be the change you want to see in your child

Parents set the tone, so what tone do you set? Are you in charge of your behaviour or do you get angry, raise your voice and lose it? The more you are in charge of your behaviour, the more they get in charge of theirs.

 Parenting help:

Take an action for self, rather than against the child (Breathe/count to 10/step out of the room before you lose it)

 What New Choices & New Actions will you take?