Q:I have a two and a half year old and I am finding it really difficult dealing with her tantrums, any advice?

A:When all about are losing their temper; stay in charge of your behaviour. In other words, if she is out of control; more than anything she needs to see a parent who is calm, stays in  control, which role models for her how to behave and to get in charge of her behaviour; especially as her tantrum is not having the desired effect of getting her attention.

Therefore; Take Time out for yourself; even if you cross the room and breathe deeply counting to ten, you will be surprised that the heat goes out of your anger and you will respond better. My mantra is : Take action for self; not against the child and when you mirror that out to the child; over time the child (though unfortunately not immediately) the child will mirror back to you staying in charge of their behaviour.

When you are calm; your children will be calmer.