Is your child putting your parenting under pressure?

Parenting Teenagers is challenging. It’s good to know you are not the only one experiencing difficulty. If you have an adolesence that is challenging you and are unsure how to deal with them or feel maybe there is a better way, why not consider one of our services:

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Are you having difficulties communicating with your teenager

Everyone knows that Parenting Teens can leave us unsure how to deal with lack of respect and backtalk. How do you set boundaries and deal with their bad moods? How do you encourage communication and connect into their world? How do you make your teen responsible and accountable? How can we live together in a calm happy home where everyone respects one another?

Teen related issues we cover

If you feel you lose it with your teenager, we can show you a better way.  The Practical Parenting programme will give you practical ideas for parenting teenagers. The course content was developed by Dr Tony Humphreys. Sheila has adapted the material and facilitates the content with her own particular warm and engaging style. This makes the material compelling, memorable and lively. The feedback from every course is that parents get the parenting skills they were seeking in addition to the support they needed.

We cover all the challenging areas of parenting teens with emphasis on the following:

  • Managing conflict
  • Listen and communicate effectively
  • Negotiate rules and boundaries
  • Build self esteem, competence and confidence
  • Understand how your child is feeling
  • Encourage better  behaviour
  • A different kind of discipline

Every parent feeds back how much they have got from the programme and everybody hears the material in the areas they need to address.

“I found the Parenting Teens course very helpful, positive & encouraging and it met the needs of everyone in the group. I came away feeling optimistic, with lots of practical down to earth advice. Sheila’s very experienced, confident and believable.”   – Ann

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