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7 Tips for a New Year, New You

Do you take care of yourself? If so it will be mirrored in how well you look after yourself on a daily basis Physically: How do you take care of yourself ? Moderate in food and alcohol? Have you found an exercise you enjoy? Do you push yourself too hard? Do you rush and race, drive [...]

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Time Management for Working Parents

Do you struggle with time, too many demands and too little time? Working Parent and Work Life balance Being a working parent can seem like you are on a treadmill that you cannot get off of. If there are too many demands on you, and no time for you it impacts on how you are. [...]

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Stressed Parenting or Self Care?

Are you experiencing: Attention Seeking, Acting Up, Aggression, no co-operation in your children? Attention Seeking: The more positive attention you give , the less negative attention they seek. Acting up: A challenging behaviour is when we think they are trying to make our lives difficult, rather the child is unconsciously trying to show us how [...]

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Less Stress Parenting

Parents are under more stress than even before - so what can you do? Can you identify with any of this? Not balanced Work/Home Life Partners/children getting ‘leftovers’ Poor self-care (delays calling dentist/doctor) Poor Boundaries around self Always available/'on' Takes too much responsibility on Difficulty in saying No Always in ‘Doing’ mode, little ‘Being’ mode [...]

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Self Worth and Self Esteem

Self-Awareness is key to Leadership of Self and Others The more we are self aware, the more productive we can be at work and at home. Make New Choices and Take New Actions The more we understand ourselves the more we can respond in the way we need. Also, we understand others better, it’s like [...]

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Wellness Program: How to enjoy more wellbeing

Wellbeing Happiness is being in touch with what is happening within yourself and others. You can only flourish when you have a good relationship with yourself. Here are some tips to improve how you relate to yourself and others as the more we know ourselves and the more  self aware we become the better we respond [...]

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Minding Self

In working with couples and individuals, I find they are experiencing a lot of stress in the current times. In order to build resilience, there are things we can do that will make a difference. Here are some ideas that I hope will help: Identify the people who pull you down and make you feel [...]

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