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Teenagers & Alcohol

When do teens start drinking? Headstrong, The National Centre for Youth Mental Health recently reported that for school teens, problems are most pronounced in third and fifth y and h year. Third year was identified as the most vulnerable year.  Fifteen year old students are facing the Junior Cert, and it is the stage when [...]

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Teen Discos

Teen Discos I remember the excitement of going to my first few teen discos with friends, the endless conversations with the girls, looking forward to the night, and planning what to wear was a big part of it Teenagers will make a mistake and learn from it As teens we made mistakes, as our teens [...]

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Feelings – the key to understanding behaviour

If a child feels right; they will behave right, so getting in touch with how your child feels and giving them a sense of being understood and listened to will result in much less conflict. Poor feelings come from not feeling loved/understood The more attention you give; the less they demand; and yet a child [...]

Interesting Parenting articles in Media over past week

Here's link's to the Parenting articles that have featured in the Media over the past week Summer fun for children with Festivals, Camps, Drama Schools and Sports. Lots of useful information in todays Times:http://t.co/sGq65XM Sobering facts about parents relationship with alcohol and it's effect on their teenagers:http://alturl.com/icnfs How to we get our child to accept [...]