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Starting School

The First Day at School is coming soon! The first day of school is a milestone for every parent and needs a little planning ahead. Many schools have an Open Day where children comes into the school for a half day pre summer. They get to meet their teacher and classmates and experience the new [...]

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Happier Homework

Do your children resist the homework and do you find yourself getting stressed? Parental Stress & Homework don't mix! So often, Homework can become a battle - unnecessarily. Children enjoy learning, as long as there is no criticism, put down, judgement or feeling rejected. If the parent comes into the homework and is impatient and [...]

First Day at Primary School

The First day at School is a milestone for any child and parent. Practical Parenting tips  to ensure its success and that your child will settle well. The importance of  the child being well rested, with a set routine in place in the week before school and a calm parent is crucial. Routine is essential [...]

Homework/Study Struggles? No more!

If you have Homework struggles with your child, this article has some practical tips and skills to help Love must always be present before learning can happen We cannot attend at a ‘head’/intellectual) level, if things are not right at a heart level (emotionally- a childs first need is to be loved for themselves).To be [...]

Have you a child preparing for the Junior Cert or Leaving Cert?

Facing your first (or second) big exam is a major challenge for son or daughter and there are things you can do to help and support Can I help my son / daughter cope better with exams? Think about a major challenge you have faced: what did you need to feel you could achieve it? [...]

Practical tips for a smooth Back to School transition

Going back to school can create a lot of stress in the family home that can be avoided with establishing a good routine for the mornings and after school. Here are some tips to help reduce stress on school mornings and create a calmer home. School mornings begin the night before: Allow each child to [...]

Leaving Cert. Results

As a parent of one of the 50,000+ Leaving Cert students; I have been observing the highs and lows of these important days. Last year, I accompanied my daughter to School and saw students elated, subdued or devastated as they opened read their results. With the Leaving Certificate results and CAO offers the best question is ‘Are you happy with what you got?’ A young person with 510 points may be devastated if Medical School dreams are dashed; for them they may as well have failed...

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