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Stressed? Children before Housework this Easter break!

Remember, you do not have to do everything! There are things you do need to DO, other things you can DELAY, some you may be able to DELEGATE and other things you can simply DUMP!   What about Children before Housework for the holidays, and build memories instead of stressing yourself trying to do the [...]

Hows to survive the Easter Holidays

1. Don't get involved in every little thing, stay separate so they learn to resolve their own conflict 2. Remember, how you are determines how things go, so if you are calm, things will be calmer 3. Tell them what they are doing right: "I noticed how kind you are to your sister" 4. If [...]

Childrens’ Behaviour & Help for Children

A child who is troubled or troubling is not trying to make life difficult for you, rather they are trying to draw attention to how difficult life is for them. They are children and dependent on you their parents and their challenging behaviour may attempt to alert you to what is going on for them [...]

Surviving the Midterm!

Am I alone in breathing a small sigh of relief as children return to school and college this morning? During school holidays housework and cooking multiples and extra help is required. My children sleep late, eat and snack throughout the day and don’t appear to see the messy house, the damp towels in the bathroom, [...]

Summer Activities for Children

Money may be tighter than in previous years, yet there are many things you can do with your children which are free or nearly free and build great memories. Time is the most valuable thing you can give your children and choosing to spend time with a child makes them feel valued and secure. Family [...]