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5 Positive Parenting Tips

Why parent positively? Here's one good reason to think about: Your Child's Self Esteem An act of comparison is ultimately an act of rejection, therefore accept your child for the unique individual they are. They are a once off happening that will never reoccur and your acceptance of them, results in them accepting themselves as [...]

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8 Tips for Raising Teens

Parenting teenagers is not easy, Here are the parenting skills you need to help guide your teen to become a responsible adolescent. 1. Reducing Conflict with Teens There are so many situations where we can end up in conflict with our teens on a daily basis. What else could we do that may help the situation. [...]

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7 Tips for a New Year, New You

Do you take care of yourself? If so it will be mirrored in how well you look after yourself on a daily basis Physically: How do you take care of yourself ? Moderate in food and alcohol? Have you found an exercise you enjoy? Do you push yourself too hard? Do you rush and race, drive [...]

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Disciplining children

What mistake do parents make around discipline? Handling a child who is challenging, disruptive and acting up I meet parents on a 1:1 and every week, parents come to me about a child they are struggling with. They say he is disruptive, challenging and he acts up. They also usually say ‘he gets so much [...]

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Proactive – not Reactive Parenting

Proactive Parenting Be Proactive There is an EVENT and each parent brings their RESPONSE to it and depending on their response, that determines the OUTCOME, in other words E+R=O.   If you don’t like your OUTCOMES, instead of blaming the EVENT (the child spilled the milk and I lose it), you can change your RESPONSE [...]

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Parents have Challenging Behaviour’s too!

Every parent brings emotional baggage into their parenting Let’s look at some of our defences: Shy, Timid, Passive People pleasing/Approval seeking Perfectionist Is your Work you worth? Is your Caring your worth? Is getting it perfect your worth? Compassion for others, yet none for self Every parent has defenses We develop substitutes like above – [...]

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Sibling Rivalry

Sibling Rivalry is one of the most common issues parents have yet many do not see what is really happening Children fighting - help them get along If all behaviour has a reason, get into the mind of your children to see how they are feeling and what they are thinking. Children also 'spill the [...]

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Children’s Behaviour & Discipline

All behaviour has a reason, so when you experience poor behaviour see it as a cry for help Positive Parenting Ask yourself: How is she feeling? What is she thinking? Difficult behaviour is prompted by a feeling and therefore when you understand how your child feel/thinks; you deal with it better and the behaviour disappears. [...]

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