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Advice for Parenting Teens

Some practical tips for parenting teens, however belief is everything and communicating a message of 'I trust you to be responsible and I believe you know the right thing to do' is crucial. Also, do not forget to tell them how precious they are to you and that they can always call you and that [...]

Back to school with stress free mornings

Families are back to school after the long break - are there simple things you can do that ensure smoother school mornings? Mornings begin the night before Do up a list of what needs to be done and let each child choose something they can do whether it is to set the table for breakfast or [...]

Weekly Roundup of Parenting Tips from around the Globe

From  now on, I will be doing a weekly round up of some interesting articles and short videos of practical tips and skills to help us all parent at our best. This week I am looking at the importance of Positivity whether it's in our interaction or in disciplining or better ways to interact with [...]

Hows to survive the Easter Holidays

1. Don't get involved in every little thing, stay separate so they learn to resolve their own conflict 2. Remember, how you are determines how things go, so if you are calm, things will be calmer 3. Tell them what they are doing right: "I noticed how kind you are to your sister" 4. If [...]

Raise a Competent and Confident Child who is Responsible

The weekends are an opportunity to take time to show your child a new task . Thereafter, they are more independent and your life is a little easier. Because children become remarkably responsible; when given responsibility; as long as there is an absence of criticism. What kind of parent are you? A good parent who [...]

Childrens’ Behaviour & Help for Children

A child who is troubled or troubling is not trying to make life difficult for you, rather they are trying to draw attention to how difficult life is for them. They are children and dependent on you their parents and their challenging behaviour may attempt to alert you to what is going on for them [...]


1. Look after yourself first “It’s like in an aircraft,” Shiela explains. “You put your own mask on first.” It stands to reason if you’re not looking after yourself ; you can’t look after others. Incorporate this into your daily routine. “Go for a walk by yourself or with a friend to de stress. This [...]

Surviving the Midterm!

Am I alone in breathing a small sigh of relief as children return to school and college this morning? During school holidays housework and cooking multiples and extra help is required. My children sleep late, eat and snack throughout the day and don’t appear to see the messy house, the damp towels in the bathroom, [...]