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5 Positive Parenting Tips

Why parent positively? Here's one good reason to think about: Your Child's Self Esteem An act of comparison is ultimately an act of rejection, therefore accept your child for the unique individual they are. They are a once off happening that will never reoccur and your acceptance of them, results in them accepting themselves as [...]

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Starting School

The First Day at School is coming soon! The first day of school is a milestone for every parent and needs a little planning ahead. Many schools have an Open Day where children comes into the school for a half day pre summer. They get to meet their teacher and classmates and experience the new [...]

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Toilet Training Your Toddler

Potty training is a challenge for many parents! When is the best time to start potty training? Better too late, than too early; one of the best signs is your toddler showing an interest that they want to begin the process. Toddlers & Toilet training They may not longer like the nappy wet or soiled; [...]

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Self Esteem – how to have a responsible child

Every parent wants their child to be responsible - so what do we need to do? Responsible Children Children become very responsible when given responsibility! My daughter was shown how to make her own lunch and has been doing that from the age of seven. All children can settle their own fights - albeit with [...]

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Parenting and Children

Parenting is the hardest job we ever do and we come into it with no parenting tips or support Parenting Tips for Parents with Children I have learnt from my mistakes and from working with hundreds of parents each year who tell me what works better. Positive Parenting Child's greatest need is to feel loved [...]

First Day at Primary School

The First day at School is a milestone for any child and parent. Practical Parenting tips  to ensure its success and that your child will settle well. The importance of  the child being well rested, with a set routine in place in the week before school and a calm parent is crucial. Routine is essential [...]

Positive Parenting

Positive Parenting is about treating your child with respect, listening to their point of view and giving them a sense of being understood. It is about noticing what they have done (rather than what they have not done) and remembering to tell them. What is your parenting style? Are you an overprotective parent? (Living the [...]

Developing a stronger sense of self is crucial for a Parent

Let’s look at increasing your Self Esteem. The more you raise your own self esteem, the more you will raise your child’s. Why is Self Esteem important? It affects: Friends you choose (as you choose ones with similar self esteem to you) The kind of person you will settle down with How you get on [...]

Homework/Study Struggles? No more!

If you have Homework struggles with your child, this article has some practical tips and skills to help Love must always be present before learning can happen We cannot attend at a ‘head’/intellectual) level, if things are not right at a heart level (emotionally- a childs first need is to be loved for themselves).To be [...]