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Some tips on bullying every parent needs to know What is bullying? Bullying is defined as unwanted negative behaviour whether verbal, physical or psychological directed by an individual or a group against another person and which is repeated over time. This behaviour can be name calling, exclusion, isolation or intimidation or cyber bullying.  The effect [...]

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Raising A Resilient Child

Resilience means 'bounceability'; the ability to bounce back from adversity How to help your child become resilient, so they cope well with difficulty A good parent gives their child opportunities to feel competent and confident and a sense of feeling loved for who they are; not what they do. They positively encourage the child to [...]

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Building Self Esteem in your Child

Do you want to have a child who feels good about themselves and is confident and popular? Raising confident and competent children Here's a link to my new short video on the topic of  Building Self Esteem in your Child: Self Esteem means the child feels loved and capable For more ideas on ways to [...]

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Self Esteem and your Child

How to have confident children? The two pillars of self esteem are: 1. How lovable do they feel (praise or correct Behaviour but always love their person). That means you will respond positively to difficult behaviour by separating the child from their behaviour: ('I love you but that behaviour is not okay, we'll talk when we're [...]

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