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Chores – 4 ways to get them done

How do we build a habit of helping in the house? Capable children are competent children What kind of parent are you? Overprotective parents tend to say ‘I will do that; you are too small; let me do it’ to the child who ask ‘Can I do it?’. Overprotection disables children over time as children [...]

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Midterm Madness

Do you find yourself stressed with children out of school/college? Parenting during Midterm break I do and find I need to remind myself that they need time off, so maybe I do as well! Time off from the humdrum, day to day tasks. I find when I first ease up on me, to relax with [...]

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Some Discipline Tips

All Discipline begins with the Parent What? Yes, the more undisciplined I am in my self; the more discipline issues I have with my children How am I  undisciplined? By pushing yourself too hard.. Examples: Not taking Time Out, poor Physical  care of self,results in 'losing it' with the children, shout, Rant & Rave; getting up [...]

Teenagers – it’s a phase!

Do you feel a little unsupported around the house? Having got up and finding I had to not only unload the dishwasher, clean the counters and the hob, Hoover most of the house and wash the floors, I dared to say to my daughters that I felt it was unfair that I was doing all [...]

Sandwich technique (on Desperate Housewives this week!)

Tell your children/partner what they have done that's right and they will do more of it Positive Parenting Say something positive, say what you need from that person, & end on a positive note. For example: 'You're always so responsible round the kitchen, I just need you to X, when you finish what you are [...]

Back to school with stress free mornings

Families are back to school after the long break - are there simple things you can do that ensure smoother school mornings? Mornings begin the night before Do up a list of what needs to be done and let each child choose something they can do whether it is to set the table for breakfast or [...]

Hows to survive the Easter Holidays

1. Don't get involved in every little thing, stay separate so they learn to resolve their own conflict 2. Remember, how you are determines how things go, so if you are calm, things will be calmer 3. Tell them what they are doing right: "I noticed how kind you are to your sister" 4. If [...]

Surviving the school holidays!

Some practical parenting tips for dealing with long school holidays! Being at home with children during the winter months can be stressful, here are some tips to get you though! 1. Stay calm and be patient! No 1: Focus on being calm more often  when you experience difficult behaviour, when you walk away, you don’t [...]

Surviving the Midterm!

Am I alone in breathing a small sigh of relief as children return to school and college this morning? During school holidays housework and cooking multiples and extra help is required. My children sleep late, eat and snack throughout the day and don’t appear to see the messy house, the damp towels in the bathroom, [...]