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Proactive – not Reactive Parenting

Proactive Parenting Be Proactive There is an EVENT and each parent brings their RESPONSE to it and depending on their response, that determines the OUTCOME, in other words E+R=O.   If you don’t like your OUTCOMES, instead of blaming the EVENT (the child spilled the milk and I lose it), you can change your RESPONSE [...]

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Positive Parenting with a challenging child

What I have learnt ? That a child literally blossoms when parenting offers positive attention and kindness, firmness without crossness. The more we show that we love & accept them, the more they love & accept themselves What children need: Calm parents who speak gently, warmly & who tune into their feelings To be loved [...]

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Positive Parenting

What do we mean by Positive Parenting? Challenging Behaviour and your child or teen When you child or teen is difficult, you think they are really trying to make your life difficult. Rather, they are trying to show you how difficult life is for them. Separate the child or teen from their behaviour We need [...]

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Are you ‘losing it’ with your children?

What to do when you are about to 'lose it' and start shouting How to Stay Calm and create a calmer house My experience: If you want to go from being Reactive (raise your voice, shout, lose it etc) to Calm, do this! Breathe to self Calm Throughout the day, particularly when you're about to [...]

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Children’s difficult behaviours

Are you struggling with your child's behaviors? Parenting is tough Do not worry, you are not alone. Parenting is the toughest job you will every do, so stop, take a few deep breaths to self calm and remind yourself that you have always done your best. Here are a few tips that may make a [...]

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Behavioural Difficulties

Difficult Behaviour from your child or teen? Tips for challenging behaviour: Use humor to defuse Use distraction and diversion also work Give a choice: 'would you like the red or the blue one?' Step back Hit your pause button Take a breath Deal with it when both calmer Meanwhile, Catch Your Child Being Good more [...]

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