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Stress free parenting

Would you like to have more stress free parenting? Stress free parenting Week in and week out, parents come to me for help in reducing the stress in parenting. The stories are often similar: ‘He will not listen! I have to ask him ten times! Children listen when they feel listened to In [...]

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Challenging toddlers

Ways to respond to a toddler who slaps or pushes his older sister. Toddler taming If a toddler slaps or pushes his older sister, ask yourself what is the intention of the behaviour? It is to get attention. Unfortunately the wrong kind of attention. The more attention you notice them, the less attention they seek! [...]

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A Magical Parenting Tip for today

Think about a time your child is blossoming - what's happening? One to One Time One on One time with a child is usually what parents say to me. When I have him all to myself, he is a pleasure, so easy, no difficult behaviour. So build a little of this into every day, will [...]

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Sibling Rivalry – understand it & resolve it!

Sibling Rivalry - you can never treat them equally, but you can treat them uniquely All behaviour has a reason-how does the child feel & what are they thinking? This is the topic that comes up for every parent, and it is what drives much mis-behavior from our children. Let's try see it differently? Sibling [...]

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