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Some tips on bullying every parent needs to know What is bullying? Bullying is defined as unwanted negative behaviour whether verbal, physical or psychological directed by an individual or a group against another person and which is repeated over time. This behaviour can be name calling, exclusion, isolation or intimidation or cyber bullying.  The effect [...]

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Bullyproof your child or teen

Prevention is better than cure, Whether your child is being bullied or has a bullying behaviour, the underlying problem is self esteem. What can parents do? Build Self Esteem through giving opportunities for the child to become enabled and feel more competent Build Self Esteem through spending 1:1 time with their child to ensure child feels [...]

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Cyber Bullying – What parents can do

With Cyber Bullying in the media lately, parents want to know how to respond What parents can do if their child/teen is being cyberbullied? Go offline - Block the Sender - Do not Reply - Keep the Message & Report Talk with the School who have an Anti Bullying Policy Be there - create opportunities [...]

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Should young kids be allowed use Facebook?

We cannot ever fully protect our children but we can tell them the risks and empower them to make good choices. Tell your child that imagine Granny is standing behind you and to never post anything that she would not be happy with; that somehting posted can never ever be taken down if others pass [...]

Do a Dance class with a friend and reduce stress!

Many parents lose their temper and are cranky and irritable and impatient from a place where life become a series of Should/Must and Have To's. I talk to parents throughout the country and the parent who takes the time for a walk in the evening with a friend and  enjoys the Time Out she needs [...]