Some practical parenting tips for dealing with long school holidays! Being at home with children during the winter months can be stressful, here are some tips to get you though!

1. Stay calm and be patient!

No 1: Focus on being calm more often  when you experience difficult behaviour, when you walk away, you don’t lose your temper and taking a few deep breaths helps you to calm down. Parents say when they calm down, the house is calmer. Although the kitchen may look like a bomb site, it’s probably more important to you than to anyone else in the family, also they are on holidays and their ‘I’ll do it’ is hard to pin down! Try a bit of patience and encouragement, they may eventually get round to it. I know; sometimes easier to do yourself; but then they’d never learn would they!

2. A sense of humour

Seeing the lighter side of things; often helps sort things out without  spilling over into conflict. Certainly, when parents see the funny side more often, it binds their children to them like bands of steel.

3. Be Kind, firm without getting cross by acknowledging their feeling and empathise

When I acknowledge how my child feels, she feels understood and does not need to act out to get my attention. I may need to say something she does not want to hear but it helps when I empathise, and do not get cross. Much bad behaviour, temper tantrums and squabbling can be resolved when we don’t break relationship.

4. Seek Support – Book your place on a parenting course!

Parenting is really hard sometimes and it helps to get support – to take time to reflect on how to parent better, to do more of what works and less of what does not work.