Radio / Audio files on Parenting Topics

Sheila O’Malley is a regular contributor to Radio on Parenting topics. Here is a selection of some recent audio files with advice and discussion which you may find useful. Click on the play button to hear your selected clip.

June 29 2012       Newstalk

What is an appropriate gift for a teacher before the holidays?

Some practical tips around the issue of giving teachers presents…Play

June 22 2012   Newstalk

Parenting dilemma – Do you allow boyfriends to sleep over?

Billy Connolly’s parenting dilemma is discussed on the Tom Dunne show     Play

June 22 2012      Waterford Radio

Is it good for you and your teens to thrash things out?

Sometimes, it is necessary to communicate and clear the air…Play

21 May 2012 Newstalk

Are our children watching too much TV/Screens?

Sheila speaking with Tom Dunne about how much TV/Screen time is best… Play

May 16th 2012          Waterford Radio

Kids and teenagers heading out of control?

What do we do when difficult behaviour happens  Play

April 4th 2012        Waterford Radio

The TV/Media influence and is eating together as a family important?

Many soaps are becoming more and more controversial…    Play

Jan 6 2012     Waterford Radio

Are you parenting like your parent with your child /teen?

We never thought it but eventually find ourselves echoing our parents… Play

2011       4 FM Ion Noctor

The Fussy Eaters & Happier Mealtimes

Finding your mealtimes are a battleground? Some practical tips…   Play

2011  RTE Tubridy Show

House rules & healthy boundaries

Practical tips for setting house rules through good communication…   Play