What do we mean by Positive Parenting?

Challenging Behaviour and your child or teen

When you child or teen is difficult, you think they are really trying to make your life difficult. Rather, they are trying to show you how difficult life is for them.

Separate the child or teen from their behaviour

We need to separate our child or teen from their behaviour and see that behaviour as a cry for help. Therefore, compassion is the No 1 response to difficult behaviour.  How do you spell the love? T.I.M.E so you may need to say ‘I love you, but that behaviour is not okay; when we both  calm down, we will deal with what happened’.

A calmer parent means a calmer house

You set the tone. What tone do you set? Do whatever you need to do to be calmer and more patient and your home will be much calmer. Take a half hour every day to de stress, set time aside just for you. Set a regular date night with your partner. Reduce expectation of yourself and your child.

Children before housework! Messy kitchens mean happier children so slow down, relax and let it go