Do you ever make a mistake?

Teaching Responsibility

I am not always right so last night I made a mistake, I did not see it until one of my teenagers pointed it out to me. We hate to be wrong, but she was right. I thought about it and saw it. I went into my other daughter and I apologised to her.

Help for Parents

She’s not over it but I think it helps when we stand back – and take responsibility for what we did – or should have done – and apologise if necessary. I often ask my daughters to apologize :” I need an apology” but they need to know that I am not always right, that I make mistakes, and that when I do, I apologise and take responsibility- then I hope they will do the same when its needed.

Parenting Tip

It does not matter so much what we do (make a mistake), it matters more what we done, when we have done, what we have done! So, apologise and redeem relationship. Then, when they make a mistake, say ‘I need an apology’.