Our children always ‘spill the beans’ but often we don’t hear it

Positive Parenting

A parent told me her daughter said ‘Mummy, you don’t spend time with me’ but that she never heard it properly. I asked the Mum ‘but do you have time for yourself?’ and she said No. When you give time to yourself (by saying No more often, delegating/asking for help, doing less by dumping stuff) you have time for your child.

Parenting & Stress

Overavailabiity to others = underavailability to self.

Parents need to take time for themselves and then they are in a ‘good place’ to parent. My experience is that when I take time for myself, I can stop and give time to my children. Children’s number one need is for time and positive attention, and that we are tuned into how they feel and respond in the way that they need. Stopping and giving this time reduces childrens challenging behaviour as they have a sense of feeling listened to and a sense of feeling understood.

Happy Parenting!