Personal Wellbeing can be either 1:1 at a time and date to suit you, or to a group through a course/workshop. It will change your life for the better through self-awareness and improve personal effectiveness at home and at work.

“I had done a parenting course with Sheila and returned to do her excellent Personal Wellbeing course on a 1:1 basis.

This course has basically changed my life for the better.

It introduced so many positive aspects into my life & the way I look & deal with things. She opens your eyes to the way you think – you start asking how did I never know that!

I am a better person & have a better life because of  this course & my changing attitudes.

Sheila’s course is better than counselling! I would highly recommend her & turn to her first in the future..”

Personal Support can be either 1:1 or as part of a course

In a 1:1 situation, a person comes with an issue seeking support. They are met with deep listening, comprehensive understanding and empathy. This helps the individual stand back, see situations differently, learn to respond differently towards self and towards others, resulting in better outcomes for all.

Participants in a group course get an opportunity to hear material that resonates, and it helps them ‘be their best self’ by understanding themselves more and with greater awareness making better choices.

Improving Self Worth

Aim: The recovery of a strong sense of self, learning to relate to yourself in a way that is, affirming and supportive. Reclaim your ‘real’ self – who you were before life took its toll. Becoming more self-aware means you respond better in challenging situations. This mirrors out into improved responses towards others. Becoming aware of  negative patterns, and learning better ways of relating to self and others. As your confidence and self-worth improves, it benefits all other relationships at home and at work.

Support after separation/divorce

The breakdown of a close relationship can be devastating and having a supportive presence is invaluable at this difficult time. A compassionate relationship helps you come to terms with your new situation and see a way forward. Confidentiality is held in a non-judgemental and safe environment. Negotiation the logistics and establishing new boundaries is essential.

Personal Development at Work 

Sheila delivers Lunch n Learn Wellbeing courses, talks or workshops, as requested by Human Resources (HR), working parents groups, occupational health or the company’s social club. Talks can be customised to your individual requirements. Please see a sample of typical topics below:

  •  Flourishing: How to be better in yourself
  • Self-Care not Self Neglect
  • Manage Self & better Management of others
  • Emotional Wellbeing
  • Less stress, more wellness
  • Better Boundaries
  • Better Communication
  • Making better choices & taking better actions

“It has changed my life”

“Everyone should do this course or cover this material, I learnt so much about personal effectiveness and how to take control of myself and my situation, including self-awareness, setting better boundaries etc. I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to get the most out of their personal or professional life”

“Sheila’s course is life changing. I have boundaries now that have utterly changed how I manage myself and deal with others. What I learned in just 8 short weekly sessions is incredible. I have a new sense of calm & inner strength that I never had before and as a result all my relationships have changed, work, friends, family… I believe in myself now and I am stronger now than ever before.”