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This is a Practical Parenting course given by me, Sheila O’Malley who qualified professionally over four years as a Parent & Relationship Mentor with Dr Tony Humphreys. It will provide you with parenting tips and skills to parent more effectively. Parenting is the hardest job you’ll ever do and comes with no training or support. These Parenting classes provide an opportunity to reflect, an invitation to change creating a calmer and happier home.    Click here for feedback

Why would I attend a Parenting Course? Here’s some feedback

  • “I found the course excellent. I know it will make a huge difference to our family happiness, thank you”
  • “I really found it inspirational & insightful; it should be a prerequisite for EVERY parent to do a course like this”
  • It has made a huge difference to our house *:) happy

Parenting Class covers the following

  • HappinessAll parenting starts with the parent
  • Family relationships and feelings
  • Improving communication
  • Help your child become responsible
  • Children’s challenging behaviours
  • Managing Conflict & helping children get along
  • A different kind of discipline

Do the Parenting Courses cater for specific age groups?

This programme is unique as Dr Tony Humphreys deliberately designed the material to cover children of all ages. However, Parenting Teens courses are run from time to time (see Schedule page).

Quotes from parents are 100% positive.

“I recommend to any couple to do this course – together. It has had such a positive impact on our family. All the kids are doing great! I think everyone should do this course. Everything changed – for the better. We had a child who was really challenging us – and by the end of the course – that relationship had utterly transformed – she virtually blossomed and we are a much more contented family”
– Brian & Sinead