Mothers Day is coming up so what better time to take a moment for yourself. We can’t take care of anyone till we first take care of ourselves so check out some practical tips below so you can be a better mother.

Practical Tips for Busy Mums

Think about how well you look after yourself on a daily basis. I can only give what I have got; therefore it makes sense that the more I take care of myself; the more I can do that for my family.

Move towards self care and an awareness of the need to ‘mind yourself’. Physically, mothers need take care of themselves physically and nurture themselves. When I do that; I feel better about myself and this has a positive effect on how I am with my family. However, when I do too much, push myself too hard and feel overloaded it impacts negatively on my family. Therefore, it is in everybody’s interest that I take care of me!

Tips to Mother yourself after Mother’s Day!

  • Treat Yourself
  • Learn to Say No and know your limits “can I get back to you on that?”
  • Ask for Help & Support:”I feel tired and I really could use a little help”
  • Learn to receive (the compliment/the offer of help
  • Remind yourself  ‘ I need mind myself’
  • Take time for a hobby/interest (One hour a week)
  • Move from doing to ‘being’: time to reflect, enjoy stillness through a walk etc
  • Challenge yourself: Tell yourself “I can do it”
  • Kill your inner critic as self acceptance & self approval are key to positive change.

How I feel about myself determines how I interact with others. The better I feel about myself, the more my relationships improve with others. How I relate to myself; either positively or negatively will determine all other relationships. The more I approve and love myself; the more I do that for my family. I need to feel it for myself; in order to pass it on.