In working with couples and individuals, I find they are experiencing a lot of stress in the current times. In order to build resilience, there are things we can do that will make a difference.

Here are some ideas that I hope will help:

Identify the people who pull you down and make you feel bad?

Is your life filled with people who pull you down? Make a list of the people who pull you down and resolve to spend less time with them. Spend more time with those are the ‘spark’ people in your life and from whom you leave energised and in good form.

What drains you?

It may be drinking to excess, lack of sleep or fraught relationships. How can you do less of what drains you, by limiting the time with people or situations you find difficult. Avoid listening to the news and reading the newspapers which may be reinforcing your worries or concerns.  Support yourself in getting the rest your body and mind needs and practice personal self care with moderation in diet and alcohol.

What give you energy and ‘picks’ you up?

It may be a sport or exercise, meeting friends, time for your hobby or creative pursuit, or a night away with your partner.  Read a book that gives you pleasure or take time to listen to music or to relax. Take  some ‘time out’ just for you, whether a shopping trip, or getting away or simply taking time for a walk that reenergises, refocuses and recharges your battery.

Work Life Balance

When there are many demands on us in our working or home life, our ability to cope is dependent on us having the right balance between work and play. If we do not have the correct balance, it impacts on the resilience we have to manage work and family pressures. Therefore, it is not the event that matters, but how I respond to it that is crucial. Achieving a good balance in our lives is critical in ensuring that we manage the stressors we encounter on a daily basis.

‘If life throws me lemons, I will make lemonade!’