Do you find yourself stressed with children out of school/college?

Parenting during Midterm break

I do and find I need to remind myself that they need time off, so maybe I do as well! Time off from the humdrum, day to day tasks. I find when I first ease up on me, to relax with the messier home, the long lie in’s, that I don’t spend the week nagging and giving out. Every so often, I do say, ‘I need a little help’ and when relationships are better, they respond better.

Parents need state their needs/expectations to children/teens

Therefore, remember the Mid term is about recharging and maybe you also need to recharge yourself. Take things a little easier, relax about the house and the routine just for this week and this will certainly reduce any negative atmosphere. Don’t forget though to ask for help and support (‘I need xxx done by 5pm today’ said firmly & strong eye contact but with a little kindness (‘I know you need to relax a little too’).

Good luck!