1. Don’t get involved in every little thing, stay separate so they learn to resolve their own conflict

2. Remember, how you are determines how things go, so if you are calm, things will be calmer

3. Tell them what they are doing right: “I noticed how kind you are to your sister”

4. If there is sibling rivalry; remember its like your husband comes home tonight and says “You know I love you so much; that I’ve decided to get another woman; just like you; but don’t worry; you will be great friends!” You can never treat your children Equally; however you can treat them Uniquely; and therefore reduce sibling rivalry. Therefore; if the eldest get a privaledge in staying up a little later; she’s going to hate her little brother a little less; as he is not as much of a threat anymore!

5. Treat them with the same respect; that you would wish to be treated with; therefore “TV OFF!” not recommended; remember how you would feel if someone did that midway through Desperate Housewives.. yes.. they feel just the same anger. A different approach yields a different result. The more you co operate with meeting their own needs; they more they will co operate with your needs or them; and conflict will just reduce more and more.. and thats a guarantee. They will make mistakes.. but don’t you sometimes make a mistake, love them Despite their behaviour and you will bring out the best in them..

Hope the Easter Bunny comes.. and remember kids love a treasure hunt so tell the bunny to hide lots of  tiny eggs all over the house and garden for hours for fun. Memories bind them to you like bands of steel..