How to have a child/teen with strong self esteem and enjoy a responsible young person

How to raise your child’s self belief?

Give them Opportunity, by never doing  for a child what they can do or learn to do for themselves.

What does a child need in order to learn?

Think about the first time you sat behind the wheel of the car, what did you need from the person sitting beside you?

You probably needed: Time, Patience, Belief, Encouragement & Support, and it needed to be okay to make a mistake – they need the same! Take Time to Show them, as children become remarkably responsible, when given responsibility!

Seven year olds can make their own lunch, and 16 year olds can get a driving lesson. Be beside them like a best friend while they are learning and withdraw slowly as they grasp the new task.

Belief is everything

Your Belief in them, means they Believe in themselves. The more opportunities they get, the more confident and competent they feel. The more Overprotective you are, the more you render them helpless – & they give up asking to do stuff! Therefore, focus on their effort and not their performance and never criticise a child over a mistake (which sets the next learning challenge) or learning may become threatening and the child may go into avoidance rather than risk being criticised by a parent over failure or a mistake.