The first day at school is a milestone for most parents and children. With some practical tips we can ensure it is a smooth start for all. The first day of their child starting school is emotional for the parents so it’s important to think ahead about letting go without upsetting the child.

Talk to your child in advance so they know what to expect, much anxiety is from not knowing what is going to happen.

  • Arrange a few play dates in advance so your child knows other children starting school
  • Ensure your child is able to independently use the schoolbag and lunch box in advance
  • Get your child used to the uniform in advance of the ‘big day’
  • Name tag everything and teach your child her full name and address

Practical Tips for the First Day at School

  • Get up half an hour earlier to ensure a calm and stress free home
  • Treat it like a normal day,  stress will affect your child
  • If the parent is relaxed and not anxious; it will helps the child
  • Be on time to meet up with classmates in the yard
  • Don’t give too big a lunch, 10 grapes, quartered sandwich and a drink
  • Don’t stay too long
  • Tell your child when you’re leaving- don’t disappear
  • Reassure your child that you will be there to pick them up
  • It vital to be on time for pick up as very stressful for child if you are late
  • Prearrange to meet someone for coffee on Day 1 after drop off
  • Involvement in one of the School Committees is recommended and enjoyable