What Companies and Organisations say about Sheila!

aib_logo“The feedback was incredible!”


deloitte-cropped“I found Sheila’s talk to be extremely informative and beneficial to any parent. She presented the talk in a very relaxed and engaging manner which immediately put people at ease and enabled us to interact with each other.  All in all I thought Sheila was very effective and very personable.”


Shell-logo-cropped“Sheila was a breath of fresh air on the topic of parenting, she is extremely knowledgeable and is thoroughly engaging.  I would strongly recommend her to organisations who would like to really add their work life balance initiatives.”    C Doyle, HR, Shell E&P.   Attendees had the following comments to make:

“I thought Sheila was very open and honest and this helped the delivery”

“Sheila has an easy style and is well studied in her subject matter.  I like her storyline approach”

“Sheila was down to earth and has a practical simple approach”

phizer-cropped“Thanks a million for coming to do your talk, it was really well received and the most attended talk that we have run in quite some time. The talk content had something for everyone, and provided a lot of content for discussion.

“This talk informed us of the most appropriate skills and tools we need as parents to do the best we can. The focus on the happy parent also made a lot of sense. We would definitely be interested in getting you back in the New Year.”

nutricia-c1Sheila O’Malley spoke at our Low Protein Living Weekend in April 2011 and at our Family Day in August 2011. Sheila is a very inspiring speaker and she able to relate to the audience and engage with them. The feedback was excellent and we plan to use Sheila again in the future.” August 25, 2011Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert    C Fitzgerald

state-street-c1Sheila O Malley of Practical Parenting spoke to each of our five office throughout Ireland, on Happy Me, Happy Home/Life. The feedback was excellent. People felt very engaged with Sheila’s facilitative style. Everyone related to the topic and took something away. We highly recommend Sheila O Malley and we would like to have her back at State Street again.”

abbott-one-to-use-c“Sheila O Malley of Practical Parenting came to speak at our Tots to Teens Event in Abbott Vascular Clonmel on “Happy Me, Happy Home Life”. This talk was so far reaching that it struck a chord with parents with kids of all ages, and even employees without kids!!! Sheila spoke about how to get “you” in a happy place, and how then this will positively affect all relationships in your life. Sheila was engaging, humorous and most of all down to earth, feedback from attendees was that they could understand and relate to Sheila easily, that she made everyone relax and harvested an engaging atmosphere where questions and clarification was welcomed. We are definitely thinking of having Shelia back again to speak!”

Some comments from attendees:

“Best hour I’ve spent all week!”

“There was no judgment or preaching just great advice from someone that’s been through it all”

“Super Nanny is out, Super Sheila is in!”

“I went straight home to try out some of Sheila’s techniques!….and they worked!”

“I think Sheila’s talk not only applied to parenting but me and all my relationships”

“Sheila got us all talking, and made me realize some of my colleagues are going through/have been through the same stuff as I am, she made me realize that there’s support available”

kbc-bank_logo-c“Sheila recently facilitated a lunch and learn session on Positive Parenting as a part of our Employee Wellbeing Programme. We had a hugely positive response from all the attendees. Sheila is an extremely engaging presenter whose seminars offer real life solutions to parenting problems which are communicated in a very accessible way for all the attendees. We will definitely be inviting Sheila to work with us again, she has much to offer on a broad range of topics. Everyone who attended the seminar was vocal in their appreciation of her advice and their ability to practically apply it to their own situations.”

Webinar Feedback

“Just to pass on my feedback that I found today’s Webinar on parenting extremely useful and I thought Sheila had a lovely presentation style.”

3m-cropped1“On behalf of 3M Ireland Limited we would like to thank your for you presentation this morning. Everyone found it very beneficial and I’m sure they will adapt a lot of it to their lives.”

symantec-c1“Sheila O’Malley addressed The Symantec Woman’s Action Network on the topic “Help your child become responsible, capable & competent and raise their self esteem”.  It was a well delivered workshop and Sheila discussed the topic using actual experiences from her audience.”

IFSC (3rd visit)

citi_logo“It’s a great way to support parents at Citco. I thought Sheila was very good. She lets the session take its own shape with her guidance, which makes for a very good open discussion.” Cheers, Jim

“I found the session very beneficial and would definitely like to see it continued.  It was great to meet with other parents in the workplace and share experiences, advice and tips about different aspects of parenting.  It’s a bonus that the session took place during the working day, as it can be challenging trying to find time in the evenings, when most parents would prefer to be spending quality time with their child. I found the session informative and very useful.” Jane

“I enjoyed it as always. Think Sheila is very good and practical – her message is very simple and she doesn’t overload you with ideas” Aoife

Feedback from Organisations

Wexford County Childcare Committee

Just to let you know that we have completed our evaluation forms from last night’s  Challenging Behaviour Talk, and we were delighted with the feedback from the group. With over 60 parents in attendance it can be hard to reach everyone, but the evaluation report reveals that the vast majority rated you as an excellent facilitator, with many rating the workshop 10/10.

Dublin City Childcare Committee

We received extremely positive feedback from Sheila’s ‘Happy Parent – Happy Child’ workshop. Parents were very happy with the way the workshop was delivered and thoroughly enjoyed it while also getting a lot of helpful, practical information from it. The attendance was great with over forty parents attending on the night. We hope to use Sheila again for future workshops.

St Brigids  Family & Community Centre, Waterford.

“The Practical Parenting Talk was open, honest and fun!  Sheila’s style enabled parents to identify their own needs as an individual and as a parent as well as identifying the needs of the child. The talk engaged parents on all levels,and Sheila enabled parents to gain an insight into their own behaviours and how these behaviours can be mirrored back from their child. The talk was very positive in its approach  and although parents came to find out about how to deal with challenging behaviours, they left with so much more.”

iaa_logo-cropped1“On behalf on the IAA, I would like to express a sincere thank you to you for speaking at the IAA 2010 Annual Conference. Your presentation was very enjoyable and informative and the feedback  is very positive.”

cuidiu-logo-JSheila O’Malley was Keynote Speaker at Cuidiu’s Annual Conference in 2010. Her talk was an inspiration; she held our attention, reaching people on many levels. The overall presentation was professional, educational, relaxed and funny all at once.

What Parents and Schools say about Sheila & Practical Parenting

 1-To-1 Parenting Support Testimonials

“Sheila, I hated your advice I didn’t want to be nice OR listen. But I did anyway, he talked and cried for 45 minutes & I can’t believe the result!! This is now day 7 of a completely different dynamic, brief hiccup this morning but recovered quickly & are back on track.”

“I feel cured and I found a friend again in my daughter. We laugh now a lot and talk a lot more. Its great to be a proud father again. Thank you Sheila for helping to make this happen.”

Corporate Parenting Talks

“Thoroughly enjoyed the class and it has helped me in so many areas. I looked forward to it every week and shall miss that time.” Patrick

“This has been the most important hour of the week.”

“Excellent course, thank you Sheila! Helped me to be calm & improved my relationship with my child. Not just my child my relationship with my husband also improved.”

“Every parent who wants the best for their child should do this course!”

“Sheila… Could listen to you forever! Does that sum it up?”

Parenting Talks – Secondary Schools

Wellbeing At Work for School Teachers

“Fantastic course, it was inspiring to do particularly as we are now facing a Whole School Evaluation. Teachers are referring back to it, supporting each other and reminding each other to breathe and step back! We are minding each other and just wished the talk went on for longer or over weeks!”

Glenstal Abbey School

“I invited Sheila to speak at our annual weekend Parent Gathering and was delighted with the session. Her warm and engaging style kept the group engaged at all times. Everyone left with practical tips, new insights and much to talk about.”
Headmaster  – Loreto on the Green
“Fantastic talk. I have been to quite a few talks such as this, and one would be forgiven for thinking that Parenting is an Olympic event with the amount of skills & techniques that needed to be learnt in order to be a good parent. For me, You stripped it back to two fundamentals, ‘Look after yourself, and love your children unconditionally’. I have never heard the word ‘Love’ used so many times during a parenting talk.
Wesley College

“Sheila O’Malley spoke at the AGM of the Parent Teacher Association, Wesley College recently.  Sheila is an insightful and engaging speaker – she gives practical advice on parenting in a very relaxed and thought provoking way.  Sheila has a way of simplifying teenagers often seemingly complex behaviour, empathising with both parent and child in given situations of conflict, giving many examples of how to avoid or work through them.  The feedback from Sheila’s presentation was very positive – parents enjoyed her talk and felt encouraged to put into practice her many practical suggestions made during the evening.”

Loreto Foxrock

“We had the pleasure recently of having Sheila speak at a talk organised by the Parents’ Association of Loreto Foxrock. The subject of the talk was “ Happy Parent, Happy Home” and we asked her to cover the subject of the importance of the parent being content within herself in order to do a good job in dealing with her children. Sheila covered this topic so comfortably. Her talk was easy to listen to, nicely light-hearted yet highly professional. We came away from the evening feeling more knowledgeable and equipped with new strategies to approach the common issues of daily living as a family. Sheila communicates so naturally with her audience and is a true expert in the whole area of parenting.”

Blackrock College

“Sheila O’Malley of Practical Parenting was the Keynote speaker at the Blackrock College Parents Association AGM, her presentation style is very effective and inclusive.  The presentation was necessarily brief but gave excellent tips and an appetite to learn more. Sheila provides a fresh perspective for parents to look first to value and respect ones “self” and from there to communicate in an emphatic non-judgmental way with our teens.  I am pleased to say that the feed-back we received back from parents was very positive and highly recommend Sheila to other Parents Associations or parenting groups looking for an informed and practical approach to parenting teens.”

Chairman, Parents Association.

CBC Monkstown

“We asked Sheila to speak on the subject of teenage parenting at our parent council AGM..We found the talk both thought provoking and educational. Sheila has an easy style of presentation which keeps the audience focused..Many thanks Sheila.”

Newpark School, Blackrock

“The Practical Parenting talk presented information in a way which was open, honest and fun! Sheila enabled parents to gain an insight into their own behaviours and that of their child. She looked at both the child’s needs but the parents needs as well. The talk was very positive in its approach to parenting and although parents came to find out how to deal with challenging behaviours; they left with so much more.”

PTA Chairperson

Loreto Abbey School, Dalkey

“Sheila O’Malley spoke to a meeting of our Loreto Abbey Dalkey Secondary School parents recently on the topic of “Parenting Teenagers”. Sheila is a wonderful, entertaining speaker with practical advice for parents with children of all ages. She has a special talent of illustrating her parenting techniques by using real life examples in a humorous, interactive and thought provoking way. We have received very positive feedback from the parents who attended our evening, and we have received a record number of hits on our site. We would strongly recommend Sheila.”

St Brogans College, Bandon. Co Cork

“Sheila O’ Malley addressed parents on: Communicating more effectively,Respect, Parenting styles & setting Boundaries .  The evening was highly informative and throughout the talk a series of heads were nodding in agreement as Sheila offered a different way to interact.  A highly enjoyable evening – great feedback from parents who attended.”

Newpark School Blackrock

“Sheila O’Malley of Practical Parenting spoke to a group of 2nd year parents about dealing with Alcohol & Substance Abuse in our Teenagers. It was an excellent presentation which showed how parents can deal with this difficult issue. Sheila has some very constructive advise about communicating with Teenagers and setting realistic boundaries. I’d recommend this talk to any parent of Teenagers.”

 St Mary’s Girls Secondary School, Naas

“Everyone really engaged with the talk and the feedback was great, very positive”.

Maryfield College Secondary School,D 9

“Many thanks for your talk at our recent AGM. The feedback has been very positive. Parents found it thought provoking, especially the techniques recommended to diffuse situations we all find ourselves in when dealing with teenagers.”

Coolmine Community School

Just want to let you know, the information you armed parents with at the talk in Coolmine Community School last week has really paid of.  For me, one thing in particular….telling my daughter I will not deal with issues until she has calmed down so that we can talk, and not shout it out with one another has worked a treat.

Parenting Talks Testimonials from Junior Schools

Loreto on The Green

“Went down very well with the parents. You have a lovely way about you & are very easy to listen to!”

St Patrick’s Castleknock

Having attended a talk given by Sheila at another school, I booked Sheila to give the “Happy Parent, Happy Child” talk at our school.  The feedback from our parent body has been fantastic.  Sheila’s tips are simple and thought provoking but most of all they work.  A wonderful talk which was interactive, honest and fun, everyone came away having learned something! I couldn’t recommend Sheila enough!

Dalkey School Project

“The most successful Parent evening we have run. Fantastic, parents enjoyed a thought provoking yet humourous talk from Sheila that gave us plenty to think about. Her talk was funny, yet a Must Have for any parent interested in parenting ‘at their best’. Highly recommended.” PTA

St Gerard’s Junior School, Bray

“Really found the talk brilliant.” “Excellent Talk, no one has said otherwise””Good Speaker”

St Pius X, Terenure

“It was a great success from our point of view – both from a content point of view but also our attendance was excellent”

Terenure College

Sheila’s lively and interactive presentation was very well received by our parents as she addressed the topic “Helping your Child become more Responsible”. As well as giving very practical advice and direction, she spoke from her own experience as a parent. Her talk was insightful and helpful. She took questions from the floor and in doing so addressed the real needs of our parents. We would highly recommend her. Principal

Teresian Junior School, Donnybrook, Dublin 4.

“Sheila O Malley gave an excellent presentation to the parents of Teresians Junior School and the feedback we received was very positive following the talk . The content was very interesting for parents and included practical parenting tips and skills that parents could take away.We have no hesitation in recommending Practical Parenting to any school seeking a parenting spokesperson.”  PTA

St Michaels Junior School, Dublin 4

“Sheila O Malley came to St Michael’s Junior School to give two evening talks over subsequent weeks. Both evening talks were very well attended and the feedback we received was excellent. The PTA feedback was that parents found the material practical yet thought provoking, interesting and highly informative.  Sheila uses a lot of practical examples and presents them in an easy to remember format. Parents said they were able to take something from the talk that made positive change at home.  We hope to invite Sheila back to the School and can highly recommend her “

Carysfort National School, Blackrock

“Sheila O’Malley addressed everyday parenting topics in an informal yet engaging manner.  Plenty of audience participation kept everyone with her and Sheela was extremely generous with ther time and advice in the Q and A session afterwards.”   PTA

St Louis Infant & Junior School, Rathmines

‘Sheila O’Malley’s talk received wonderful feedback from parents. Her talk was informative, interesting and entertaining. She opened the floor from the beginning of her talk, which included the audience, making them feel more relaxed and encouraged them to participate more.

French School, Foxrock

“Sheila’s presentation was inspirational and fun.  Very memorable and easy to use tips for when the going gets tough with the kids.  Would highly recommend her to any parent.”  Lesley Osborne, Lycée Francais d’Irlande

Balbriggan Educate Together

The talk on bullying was very interesting and Sheila brought a breath of freshness in dealing with the topic. The talk gave ways practical ways of both uncovering if bullying was happening and the importance of leading by example. The discussion was interactive which encouraged plenty of questions and Sheila was well organised and professional, simple, clear and to the point, and gave real life examples.

Scoil Mhuire, Griffith Ave.

“Even more experienced parents felt that they got something out of the evening. A lost opportunity for anyone who missed it.”

St Vincents School, Glasnevin

“We at St. Vincent’s found you to be a very warm and friendly in your approach and the talk was very enjoyable and worthwhile. Everything you said made sense and the suggestions and tips you gave were practical and easy to apply”.

Gorey Educate Together National School

“Sheila O Malley of Practical Parenting was guest speaker at our 2010 Parent Teacher Association AGM.  Her material is thought-provoking, yet positive and affirming.  Sheila’s delivery is interactive and motivating. Highly recommended!  Principal

Gaelscoil National School Roscommon

“Parents have reported the ‘the talk was excellent’  ‘Sheila was very easy to listen to, practical and entertaining’   parents reported that they had ‘tried out some of the tips and found they worked straight away’. Thank you so much for coming to Roscommon and sharing your parenting tips. Although our group was small parents really enjoyed the evening.  Once again sincere thanks for an informative, practical, insightful and enjoyable evening.”

Loreto Dalkey Primary School

“Sheila O Malley gave an excellent talk to the parents of the school. Feedback following the talk was really good, I can highly recommend Sheila as a speaker to your school.”     PTA

Good Shepherd National School, Churchtown

“Feedback from parents to Sheila’s talk was very positive.  Parents really engaged with her material and the talk was interactive and enjoyable”

Finglas Home School Liason Officer

Working in a disadvantaged school and community, it can be hard to judge what parents will respond to when arranging speakers and to judge how many would even show up!  It turns out that Sheila’s talk on Happy Parent, Happy Child and dealing with challenging behaviour became the most successful parent workshop my school has been involved in.

The modules hit on exactly what our parents needed and Sheila delivered the workshop in a way that made them feel comfortable to get involved and share their stories. Their response spoke volumes, about the advice that Sheila offers, but also the friendly and understanding way that she approached our parents. I hope to have a second session with Practical Parenting very soon!

Carlow Primary School

Everyone found the talk excellent and each came away with a few good tips. The feedback is that they were very happy with the talk and said they found it very good and most worthwhile.

National Parents Council

“Sheila spoke to the Dublin North Branch of the NPC on Childrens Challenging Behaviours in March 2011. Sheila’s unique approach to parenting and understanding; encouraged parents to really think about how they parent and the influence that they may have on the child.”

Parents Quotes after One Day Parenting Class

“We thought the course was fantastic. The material was brilliant, practical useful information that has made our house calmer. I really feel every parent need this course, and Sheila presents it so well.  The day was a really positive experience and we got the parenting tips and skills we needed and it felt supported by the other parents attending. I feel I am parenting more effectively and my child is blossoming!”

Mary & John

“Revealing. There was a lot of conflict in the home and communication was fraught. The day gave me a chance to reflect and an opportunity for change. With some simple changes, I seem to be managing conflict better and there’s less of it anyway. The house is no cleaner; but it is a happier home with fewer squabbles. Thank you Sheila.”

Bernie & Colm

“Well paced. Great material.  Messages clear and concise.  Lovely, caring, positive & informative teacher. Thank you”.


“Sheila has helped me become more competent and confident in my parenting.  Participating on the One Day course was a hugely positive experience – I came away full of positivity and plans to put into action, that have since proven very effective in yielding the results I wanted.  Even my son has noticed I’m a nicer mummy – we negotiate instead of argue now!  I have noticed dramatic improvements in our household by implementing relatively minor changes – the 8 minutes a day real dividends!”


“I learnt so much in one day; I left feeling optimistic and encouraged to do the best job possible as a parent.”


“We loved the day! I thought it was brilliant and really want to shout from the top of houses to people about how great it was. Brian and I came home from the course and put the 1000 watt bulb on both our boys and the last 4 days have been amazing. Not without their moments but how to deal with those are different and great. The rewards are instant for us all. You are doing an amazing job and you are changing lives, really you are. Please keep up the good work, parents out there need you!”

Yvonne and Brian

“I liked the facilitative approach as it helps to know that other parents are facing the same issues and you’re not alone. The handouts were succinct and relevant. The presenter has a nice relaxed style and uses practical real life examples rather than theory.”


“The course was fantastic. It started a new journey about improving my self esteem. It has helped me be a more effective parent and my child is blossoming.”


“The material and presentation was excellent. The course will allow us to give our best to our children and each other. Make the journey all the more enjoyable.”


“Excellent, good pace and well presented. I hope to bring more positivity and confidence back home.”


“Very worthwhile session! Demonstrated how important it is to look at parent behaviour before child’s behaviour. It will help me to improve my relationship with my daughter.”


“What’s extremely helpful and encouraging is learning the ‘everyone’ faces challenges in parenting – we’re all in this together.”


“It’s really all about me and how I deal with my world. My child mirrors me and their confidence is dependent on me. I need to reflect and manage my parenting rather that react out of my own lack of self esteem / coping mechanism.”


“I found the course empowering, informative and relaxing. It has increased my knowledge and equipped me with better words to use in certain situations and helped me to be more understanding and empathetic.”


“it gave me a chance to reflect on what I am doing now, question my own behaviour and see how it effects how I get on with my daughter. It re-inforced some things I am doing right and gave me the opportunity to correct the things I’m not for the future.”


“I am delighted with today’s course. It has given me plenty to think about, discuss with my husband and put into practice. The most important thing I learned today was not to react so quickly. The course made me feel better inside and this should reflect in my relationships with my kids. I will offer more choices and be less confrontational.”


“Really enjoyed it, confidence booster, improved my patience, communication skills and made me stop and think more before I speak or act. Home life before course could be stressful at time, now more relaxed, kids enjoying life more and freer.”


Quotes from Parents who attended a Weekly Parenting Course

“I really found it inspirational and insightful; it should be a prerequisite that EVERY parent attends a course like this. … the sessions were really, really enjoyable; each Monday morning, I actually looked forward to the class. You asked what really resonated for each of us, and for me, there were many, many valuable key points but the ones below really leap out :

  • Be a parent to yourself, nurture yourself, affirm yourself, because you can only take care of others if you’ve taken care of yourself first.
  • Every child is a genius & All behaviour makes sense. To me, the realisation that every thing that your child does is for a reason, that by behaving in a certain way, the child is trying to alert you to a need they have, was a really fundamental point; it was like a lightbulb going on, a missing piece in a jigsaw.
  • In each and every engagement with your children, treat them with respect – in how you speak with them, in how you interact with them, in how you are with them – and always, always put yourself in their shoes, empathise with them.
  • Every parent can benefit from a parenting class to improve communication, understand the feelings beneath the child’s behaviour and resolve conflict successfully.”



“I recommend to any couple to do this course – together. It has had such a positive impact on our family. All the kids are doing great! I think everyone should do this course. Everything changed – for the better. We had a child who was really challenging us – and by the end of the course – that relationship had utterly transformed – she virtually blossomed and we are a much more contented family”

Brian & Sinead

“Fantastic! I have regained my family. We were not communicating and there was a lot of conflict in the house. The course gave me time to reflect, time to take on board new ways of parenting. When I made some simple changes at home there was less conflict, the children were happier and we all just got on better. I learnt to communicate more effectively which created a more respectful home environment. When I understood that my child’s behaviour reflected how he felt I was more empathetic and he felt understood eliminating the need to act out . There is an incredible transformation. We are a much happier family.”

Elaine, 4 children

“I found the course excellent. It was very thought provoking. It also gave practical tools to deal with specific issues.”


“We can see benefits already with happier more responsible children. Respect is a word now used all of the time at home.”   


“Gave me tools to deal with conflict. Taught me ways to build confidence in my kids. More harmonious at home. I’m a better listener as I’ve learned to separate child from behaviour.”


“I am definitely more reflective, more positive in my approach. Maybe, I am ready for child no. 4!”


“Different to what I’d anticipated in that less ‘top 10 tops to parent’ and much more reflective which is great. It all begins with oneself, can be hard pill to swallow but it’s absolutely right.”


“I really learned a lot from the course and will recommend it to my friends. Have to try and put it all into practice now but starting slowly!”


“The course had a positive impact on the whole family. After 6 weeks I have a responsible and able to help (enabled) 6 year old, a caring 4 year old (no  longer throwing tantrums!) and a baby surrounded by so much love he’s as happy as can be and is sleeping at night (just started)

Parents Quotes after Parenting Teenagers One Day Class

“I found the course very helpful, positive & encouraging and it met the needs of everyone in the group. I came away feeling optimistic, with lots of practical down to earth advice. Sheila’s very experienced, confident and believable  ”


“Very good, very relevant. Parenting teenagers is very complex and needs skills to do it well.”


“I learnt a lot and feel ready to address issues that need to be worked on, Sheila’s very knowledgeable and engaging. Nice to know I’m not on my own, I feel more confident about my parenting.”