Emotional Resilience – being in control of your feelings

“The talk was brilliant” many students reported back after Sheila’s Wellbeing session. Feedback was that they found it both beneficial and useful in teaching ways to self-calm, keep perspective as well as learning some new study tips! The power of positive thinking was also covered as well as motivational tips in the run up to exams. We intend to extend this Wellbeing talk to our other students.

Cluny Secondary School, Killiney  County Dublin

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

Attitude is everything so becoming more aware of negative thinking patterns helps.

Change your thinking, change your life!

People who handle stress well all do:

  • They disconnect (offline and turn phone off – gulp!)
  • They exercise to de- stress
  • They sleep 7/8 hours a night
  • They squash negative self talk
  • They Breathe to self calm
  • They ask for help
  • They focus on being positive
  • “If you think you can do it; you probably can. If you think you can’t; you probably cant!’
  • They share a worry