Many parents lose their temper and are cranky and irritable and impatient from a place where life become a series of Should/Must and Have To’s.

I talk to parents throughout the country and the parent who takes the time for a walk in the evening with a friend and  enjoys the Time Out she needs , the emotional support of a friend, the physical exercise to put her in good form, mean she return’s home  after forty minutes or so, more relaxed and not feeling stressed. She feels better able to cope with what it is she may need to do, and is more likely to do some, delegate something else, delay some tasks and Dump others! 

When we take time out for exercise or a friend we meet our Physical and Social and Emotional needs and we are in a better place to ort. See my TV3 video on the importance of parenting the Parent.

Taking time out to exercise ironically means that we cope better with the demands of family and home.  In other words the easiest way to manage tantrums and difficult behaviour is to ensure you have time out so you can be patient

Therefore, todays Irish Times Health Supplement has an interesting article on a new Dance class craze sweeping the country and I think I may just sign up – what about you? I have done dance in the past and nothing beats the mix of fun, laughs and exercise to put me in great form! Here’s the Link: