Our children need to know we make mistakes, we’re not perfect

Positive Parenting

I am not always right so last night I made a mistake, I did not see it at the time but later on, one of my teenagers pointed it out to me. We hate to be wrong, but she was right.

Children’s difficult behaviors & Sibling Rivalry

My youngest had spoken disrespectfully to the eldest and I had not stepped in and said;  “that is not okay’, which I probably would have done if it had been the other way round.  I thought about it and saw it. Later on,  I went into my eldest daughter and I apologized to her- it is always important to allow time for both parties to cool down. She’s  not over it but I think it helps when we stand back – and take responsibility for what we did – or should have done – and apologise if necessary.

Children only need ‘good enough parents’ not perfect parents!

Challenging behavior – apology restores relationship

I often ask my daughters to apologize :” I need an apology”  but they need to know that I am not always right, that I make mistakes, and that when I do, I apologize and take responsibility- then I hope they will do the same when its needed.

Take Responsibility for your actions or inaction

The more I take a few moments out to reflect on what has happened, the better the outcomes I experience. My first instinct is often to blame, however if I need them to take responsibility for their actions, is I need to role model taking responsibility for mine!

Conflict with your child or teen

Children or teens respond better when parenting is democratic, when they have a voice and when you get it wrong, that they can expect an apology. Then the relationship gets back on track, every family has conflicts, but it’s usually because something needs to come to light, in this case that the youngest is let away with things the eldest would not have got away with – hence the sibling rivalry that began it all!

When I changed the way I looked at things, the things I looked at changed!