Wellness Program: How to enjoy more wellbeing

Wellbeing Happiness is being in touch with what is happening within yourself and others. You can only flourish when you have a good relationship with yourself. Here are some tips to improve how you relate to yourself and others as the more we know ourselves and the more  self aware we become the better we respond [...]

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Self Care as a Parent

Things that help you take care of you: Self Care Prioritize rest when tired Allow adequate time Be more organised Ask for help/Buy in help/Do less & yes, you do deserve to! Know your limits & stay within Reward yourself for something well done Put something in the diary thats for you each week Emotional [...]

Top 10 Listening Skills – A skill that can be learned

We were given two ears but only one mouth. This is because God knew that listening was twice as hard as talking. Practical Tips to help you listen more often and more effectively 1.   Stop Talking 2.   Eye Contact 3.   Focus on Listening 4.   Listen to non verbal communication 5.   [...]

Reducing Personal Stress

Stress is what happens when we stop doing the things that sustain us in managing our busy lifestyles. There are many things we can do that will enhance our ability to manage the stress in our personal life. Our ability to deal with pressures will be improved when you remember to do the following: Know [...]

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Managing Stress – How to cope with stress

People are experiencing more stress than ever before – what are the things we can do that will make a difference? What causes stress? Stress symptoms constitute one of the most obvious ways that the individual expresses threats to well being. The person creates the stress symptom in order to draw attention to what it [...]

Minding Self

In working with couples and individuals, I find they are experiencing a lot of stress in the current times. In order to build resilience, there are things we can do that will make a difference. Here are some ideas that I hope will help: Identify the people who pull you down and make you feel [...]

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