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Separation Anxiety in Children

What is Separation Anxiety? Separation anxiety is simply that leaving a parent can be worrying for a child. With you, they feel secure and without you they are not sure they will be able to cope. Our job as parents is to ensure our children are resilient and therefore we need to show our belief [...]

First Day at Primary School

The First day at School is a milestone for any child and parent. Practical Parenting tips  to ensure its success and that your child will settle well. The importance of  the child being well rested, with a set routine in place in the week before school and a calm parent is crucial. Routine is essential [...]

Practical tips for a smooth Back to School transition

Going back to school can create a lot of stress in the family home that can be avoided with establishing a good routine for the mornings and after school. Here are some tips to help reduce stress on school mornings and create a calmer home. School mornings begin the night before: Allow each child to [...]

First Day at School – Parenting Tips

The first day at school is a milestone for most parents and children. With some practical tips we can ensure it is a smooth start for all. The first day of their child starting school is emotional for the parents so it’s important to think ahead about letting go without upsetting the child.