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Chores – 4 ways to get them done

How do we build a habit of helping in the house? Capable children are competent children What kind of parent are you? Overprotective parents tend to say ‘I will do that; you are too small; let me do it’ to the child who ask ‘Can I do it?’. Overprotection disables children over time as children [...]

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Dealing with Children’s Challenging Behaviours

Managing children’s challenging behaviours can be very challenging! Understanding Challenging Behaviour I worked with parents yesterday who were struggling to manage their son’s difficult behaviour. Many parents say ‘we have got into a negative spiral’. I asked them to try imagine how their child felt and they said ‘he probably feels constantly criticised and given [...]

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Understanding Children’s Emotions

What were things like in your family of origin? Many of us came from families where there was a ban on emotional expression. When you were upset, sad or disappointed, you may have found that the response was: ‘You can’t feel like that!’ (Your feeling is dismissed) ‘It’s not that bad!’ (Your feeling is diluted) [...]

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Some tips on bullying every parent needs to know What is bullying? Bullying is defined as unwanted negative behaviour whether verbal, physical or psychological directed by an individual or a group against another person and which is repeated over time. This behaviour can be name calling, exclusion, isolation or intimidation or cyber bullying.  The effect [...]

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