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Set an good example for your teenager regarding alcohol

As a parent of teenagers I am aware of the dangers of teenage drinking. As adults we need to set a good example regarding our own alcohol use. Third year (Junior Cert year) is identified as the most vulnerable year. Early onset of drinking linked to heavy drinking in middle age Headstrong, The National Centre [...]

Junior Cert Night

The Junior Certificate results are out shortly and the newspapers will highlight again the problem of underage drinking. Irish teenagers are one of the highest binge drinkers in Europe. Binge drinking can directly cause accidents and injury as well as depression, anxiety, suicide and attempted suicide. Alcohol consumption has risen 48% in the past ten [...]

Teens & Alcohol

As the parent of teenage girls I am aware of the dangers of teenage drinking. Relationship is No 1 between parent and teen However, as I journey through the minefield that is parenting teens, I am more and more convinced that the strength of my relationship with them is ultimately the only real control I [...]

Celebrity Culture and your Teenager

A look at any newsagent will confirm the popularity of celebrities for our young people.  The  ‘celebrity culture’ means our teenagers are targeted by TV shows, soap’s, magazines and movies. Parents are Role Models too Yet, parents  are the primary role models and have the greatest influence on our children, so it is vital that [...]

Are your children driving you wild?

Many parents have difficulty in dealing with behaviour that challenges them; so I invite you to deal with it differently this week. Ironically,compassion is the No 1 response to difficult behaviour, when they deserve your love the least, they need it the most.Whether it is tantrums, aggression, uncooperative behaviour; see that the child is trying [...]

Roundup of Parenting articles in the Media

Here is the latest articles on Parenting related issues in the Media over the past week: If you have children that are on their summer holidays, this article is a Must read for any parent from David Coleman: Have a safe trip as a Family this Summer:Practical Parenting Tips from Irish Times today:

Advice for Parenting Teens

Some practical tips for parenting teens, however belief is everything and communicating a message of 'I trust you to be responsible and I believe you know the right thing to do' is crucial. Also, do not forget to tell them how precious they are to you and that they can always call you and that [...]

Weekly Roundup of Parenting Tips from around the Globe

From  now on, I will be doing a weekly round up of some interesting articles and short videos of practical tips and skills to help us all parent at our best. This week I am looking at the importance of Positivity whether it's in our interaction or in disciplining or better ways to interact with [...]

Leaving Cert. Results

As a parent of one of the 50,000+ Leaving Cert students; I have been observing the highs and lows of these important days. Last year, I accompanied my daughter to School and saw students elated, subdued or devastated as they opened read their results. With the Leaving Certificate results and CAO offers the best question is ‘Are you happy with what you got?’ A young person with 510 points may be devastated if Medical School dreams are dashed; for them they may as well have failed...

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