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Stop Cyber bullying and keep children safe online

 Cyber Bullying The new advisor to the British PM expressed her belief that social media is a potential threat to young people and that parents should monitor their children’s messages. Stop Cyber Bullying With children accessing the internet so young, parents need to set rules and boundaries so issues can be prevented. Advise younger children [...]

Cyberbullying – tips for parents to guide our teen’s online behaviour

Cyber bullying was in the news over the weekend, with every teenager talking about a teenager who was secretly videotaped in Temple Bar late at night Cyberbullying incident: This weekend your teenagers have all been talking about the KPMG girl video. A 16 year old girl who was drunk was secretly videotaped on a smartphone [...]

Cyber bullying

With the tragic news of yet another teen suicide as a result of cyber bullying, we need to talk with our teenagers about being safe online. What is Cyber Bullying? It is bullying carried out using Internet, mobile phone. It is psychological rather than physical Horrible  messages/posts, e mails, photos, pictures Setting yourself up as [...]