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Top 10 Parenting Tips to survive the Summer Holidays!

The holidays have begun for many this weekend and what can we do to ensure it's a happy time within the family? Here are my 10 ten parenting tips: Decide to do what you need to do to be in a 'good place' to parent well and do it.This usually means being in touch with [...]

Top 10 Tips for Positive Parenting

Positive Parenting A different kind of parenting that teaches responsibility, builds self-esteem and ensures they feel loved. The following ten tips will help you use methods that have been proven to provide children with a sense of well-being and security. 1 - 1 on 1 time Your child's self-esteem is greatly influenced by the quality [...]

When what you are doing is not working; try something different

Time and patience is so important when faced with a challenging child. If the child is tired/sick/hungry the advice is always to 'AVOID THE BAIT'. Therefore pushing a child to do/say something when she's tired means you end in in a power struggle - and always pullout of power struggles - and say to yourself - [...]

Do a Dance class with a friend and reduce stress!

Many parents lose their temper and are cranky and irritable and impatient from a place where life become a series of Should/Must and Have To's. I talk to parents throughout the country and the parent who takes the time for a walk in the evening with a friend and  enjoys the Time Out she needs [...]

Terrible Two’s and Terrible Tantrums!

Q:I have a two and a half year old and I am finding it really difficult dealing with her tantrums, any advice? A:When all about are losing their temper; stay in charge of your behaviour. In other words, if she is out of control; more than anything she needs to see a parent who is [...]