Weekly Roundup of Parenting Tips from around the Globe

From  now on, I will be doing a weekly round up of some interesting articles and short videos of practical tips and skills to help us all parent at our best. This week I am looking at the importance of Positivity whether it's in our interaction or in disciplining or better ways to interact with [...]

A background to your Child’s Challenging Behaviour

Some clients attending me on a One to One were in touch regarding  to do with an issue they were concerned with with their child, we talked and I had given them Dr T Humphreys book Self Esteem, the key to your child's future; essential reading for any parent. A few pointers from the book [...]

Positive Parenting Tips that worked for parents

Tantrums/Whining/Power Struggles/Every day a Battle “With our child, everything is a battle, whining, tantrums, she won’t eat breakfast, we dread the mornings. There are power struggles through the day, and sibling rivalry with her younger sister. Then I get cross and raise my voice and send her to her room or the naughty step.” Yet [...]

Quotes from Parents – after week 1 of Parenting Class

This week I asked Parents for their feedback on how things had changed at home when they behaved differently after the first week of the Parenting course. Here are some quotes from Parents and links for further Parental Tips on these topics. 1. From a working parent who skips lunch and in office all day [...]