Stress free parenting

Would you like to have more stress free parenting? Stress free parenting Week in and week out, parents come to me for help in reducing the stress in parenting. The stories are often similar: ‘He will not listen! I have to ask him ten times! Children listen when they feel listened to In [...]

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Welcoming A New Royal Baby

Kate Middleton's expecting! The Duchess of Cambridge is expecting her second child With the announcement that Kate Middleton is expecting her second child this morning, their son Prince George will soon be sharing the spotlight with another sibling. An only child has the parents all to themselves and with the arrival of a new baby [...]

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Raising A Resilient Child

Resilience means 'bounceability'; the ability to bounce back from adversity How to help your child become resilient, so they cope well with difficulty A good parent gives their child opportunities to feel competent and confident and a sense of feeling loved for who they are; not what they do. They positively encourage the child to [...]

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Raise your Self Esteem

The higher your self worth, the higher your child's Self  Parenting Do you take care of yourself? If so it will be mirrored in how well you look after yourself on a daily basis Physically: How do you take care of yourself ? Moderate in food and alcohol? Have you found an exercise you enjoy? Do [...]

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Building Self Esteem in your Child

Do you want to have a child who feels good about themselves and is confident and popular? Raising confident and competent children Here's a link to my new short video on the topic of  Building Self Esteem in your Child: Self Esteem means the child feels loved and capable For more ideas on ways to [...]

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Disciplining children

What mistake do parents make around discipline? Handling a child who is challenging, disruptive and acting up I meet parents on a 1:1 and every week, parents come to me about a child they are struggling with. They say he is disruptive, challenging and he acts up. They also usually say ‘he gets so much [...]

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Is your child playing up?

If what you are doing is not working, you may as well try something different. Do you find your child challenging? So often, parents contact me when they just do not know how to handle a child who is challenging them. They know they are in a negative spiral, giving out to the child throughout [...]

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Starting School

The First Day at School is coming soon! The first day of school is a milestone for every parent and needs a little planning ahead. Many schools have an Open Day where children comes into the school for a half day pre summer. They get to meet their teacher and classmates and experience the new [...]

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Teens and Alcohol

What can a parent do? The strength of your relationship is ultimately the best control you have over your teen As the parent of teenage girls I am aware of the dangers of teenage drinking. However, as I journey through the minefield that is parenting teens, I am more and more convinced that the strength [...]

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