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Feelings – the key to understanding behaviour

If a child feels right; they will behave right, so getting in touch with how your child feels and giving them a sense of being understood and listened to will result in much less conflict. Poor feelings come from not feeling loved/understood The more attention you give; the less they demand; and yet a child [...]

Teenagers – it’s a phase!

Do you feel a little unsupported around the house? Having got up and finding I had to not only unload the dishwasher, clean the counters and the hob, Hoover most of the house and wash the floors, I dared to say to my daughters that I felt it was unfair that I was doing all [...]

Parenting Styles and Young Adults Still at Home

Adult children living at home Recent media coverage has highlighted the number of young people still living at home. There are many reasons for this; the recession has affected many young people who have lost jobs and have had to return home.   Parenting Styles Ironically, European statistics show that it is not just an [...]