Let’s look at building Self Esteem in your children. The more you raise your self esteem; the more you will raise your child’s. A good sense of ourselves is the key to your child’s future.

Why is Self Esteem important? It affects:

  • Friends you choose (as you choose ones with similar self esteem to you)
  • The kind of person you will settle down with
  • How you get on with others
  • How effective you are as a parent
  • Career success
  • Will you be a leader or a follower?

Charachteristics of high Self Esteem 

  • They are happy with themselves, and do not need other’s approval
  • Strong enduring friendships
  • Loves to learn and to challenge oneself
  • Accepts failure and mistakes as opportunities for learning

Characteristics of Mid Self Esteem

  • Needs approval from others
  • Fear of failure and mistakes
  • People pleaser
  • Inclined towards avoidance rather than undertake a new challenge

Characteristics of Low Self Esteem 

  • Deep self hatred
  • Continually unhappy
  • Troubled relationships with others
  • Unable to develop close relationships
  • Overly or under demanding of others

The good news? 

You can change it!


By improving how you treat and value yourself in every area of your life.

Change occurs by actions of a self valuing and caring nature in every area of your life.

Think about how well you look after yourself on a daily basis; loving yourself healthily not selfishly.. How do   you feel about yourself? A parent who accepts themselves, shows affection, warmth, tenderness and is kind,   gentle and supportive towards self – and others.


Physical: Affirmation “My body is beautiful, I accept myself and treat my body well. I care what I put into it, and how it makes me feel. I eat healthy food; I have found an exercise I enjoy. I take care of myself.

Spiritual: Take time to ‘be’; to sit quietly and reflect; become conscious of your breathing. Reflect on how you interact with others, are you operating from tiredness and overload? Can you prioritise building in some ‘time out’ for you?

Do you find it hard to say No? 

Maybe you overvalue others and undervalue yourself. It is not always possible to meet everyone’s needs; sometimes you need say ‘I’m not sure I can do that; I’ll get back to you if I can. Seek support and ask for help. 

Intelligence: Each of us uses less than 2% of our intellectual capacity, therefore affirm your vast potential and as Barack Obama says ‘We can do it’! Believing in yourself, allows your child believe in him or herself.

Socially: ‘I will not bother going, no-one will even miss me’ is a Negative affirmation, switch that to a positive affirmation ‘My presence matters, and my absence will be noticed’, and make time for friends and the support they offer. You are one of a kind and special.

Are you willing to change? 

It will change your life. The more care you show yourself, the more you can show others, so Do it now, don’t wait any longer.