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Parenting Tip for 2014

Take your focus off the difficult behaviour and put your focus on developing a good relationship, through catching your child/teen being good and telling them what they are doing right, not wrong. Take a moment and watch a couple videos on sibling rivalry or challenging behaviour.

“The more I told them what they were doing right, the more right they did. The less I focused on their negative behaviour, the more it reduced. Home became calmer and parenting was easier and less stressful”

What style of Parenting works best?

Kind, firm but not cross parenting is what works best as a parenting style. The child needs to always be more important than the behaviour, whether that is the chore, or homework, or untidy room, ensure that you keep your focus on the child and what is happening for the child, listen to them and take on board what they are saying, doing this ensures your child’s co operation as they feel listened to and have a sense of feeling understood.


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