Bed wetting once toilet trained is called secondary enuresis. Bed wetting can be difficult for both the parent and the child, but a gentle approach is needed in dealing with this particular behaviour.

Why does bed wetting happen?

Bed wetting once a child has been toilet trained is nearly always psychological/social.

All behavior makes sense.

What was happening at the onset of the bed wetting? A new baby in the house, some change in the home, or changes in the child’s routine?  Bed wetting  can be emotional distress, created by the child unconsciously to send a flag to the parent. Remember any challenging behavior is not the child trying to make your life more difficult, but rather that the child is trying to tell you that life may not be easy for them.

How to respond to bed wetting?

Respond with compassion, kindness & gentleness. Make it easy for yourself with a plastic sheet & remove without fuss.

Get under the behavior to the unmet need underneath

Try to meet the unmet need of the child by ensuring each parent offers 8 minutes of 1:1 positive time to help the child feel secure, loved & valued.