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Sheila O’Malley of Practical Parenting has been a weekly Parenting correspondent for Independent Newspapers as well as a regular contributor to various other publications. Here is a selection of some recently published parenting articles which are available for your convenience in both html and pdf format.

Helping children cope with separation or divorce

Separation and your Child or Teen There is a startling rise in couples separating and issues around lone parenting. However, evidence shows that children fare better in a happy one parent family than a two parent family where there is conflict. Therefore, how do we negotiate the minefield of to help children cope with separation and ensure they are not adversely affected? Couple conflict blocks a child’s/teens [...]

Separation anxiety in children

What is Separation Anxiety? Separation anxiety in children is simply that leaving a parent can be worrying for a child. With you, they feel secure and without you they are not sure they will be able to cope. Our job as parents is to ensure our children are resilient and therefore we need to show our belief in their ability to manage and cope without [...]

Managing family conflict

Is your child acting out through aggression, no cooperation or attention seeking behaviour? Family conflict can be a problem for a lot of people. Once a parent understands why the child is acting out steps can be made to find the problem and solve it. Attention Seeking: The more positive attention you give , the less negative attention they seek. Acting up: A challenging behaviour [...]

Starting school

Beginning school can be a daunting experience for both parent and child. Below are some tips I recommend to parents to ensure your child has a happy start to school. Visit School in Advance Many schools have an Open Day where children can visit the school before September. They meet the teacher and new classmates. Your child may have already done this and if not [...]

Teenage drinking

Kids are experimenting with alcohol at an earlier age then ever before. Therefore it is essential we ensure our child is educated and supported during this time. As the parent of teenage girls I am aware of the dangers of teenage drinking. However, as I journey through the minefield that is parenting teens, I am more and more convinced that the strength of my relationship [...]

Bullying & Your Child

Bullying is often at the forefront of parents minds especially due to all the publicity it has received in the media in recent years. Schools and clubs alike are increasingly adapting a strong anti-bullying stance and you can do your part to reinforce this message in the home. As with most things, presentation is better than the cure, whether your child is being bullied or [...]

What Parenting Style Works For You?

Many parents are either over protective or over controlling and this can cause problems especially as children get older. Authoritative parenting style is the parenting style that works best and it is where parenting is more Positive. It is about enjoying a relationship that is warm and where there is good communication. Instead of demanding respect, it is more about demonstrating respect. When we treat [...]

Sibling Rivalry

This is a issue many parents come to me with worried about how their child will deal with the arrival of a new sibling or finding the childs reaction to their arrival difficult. Bringing a new baby to the house is a adjustment every parent wants to make as easy as possible for their child. Let’s try to see this behaviour differently? How to handle [...]