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Sheila O’Malley of Practical Parenting has been a weekly Parenting correspondent for Independent Newspapers as well as a regular contributor to various other publications. Here is a selection of some recently published parenting articles which are available for your convenience in both html and pdf format.

Children’s challenging behaviour

How to deal with a child's challenging behaviour Parents often come to me with issues around conflict within the family. The biggest mistake I have seen over the years is a parent not staying calm. ‘Be the calm you want to see’ I learnt to transform my parenting with this one change – Being calm, peaceful, patient and present. Why? Because you produce better behaved [...]

Toddler tantrums

There is no easy way to manage toddlers. They simply require lots of time and attention. Here is all the information you need to know to help manage your toddlers temper tantrums. Why do toddlers have temper tantrums? Toddlers have not a fully developed frontal lobe which means they often can feel ‘flooded’ by big feelings and most of all they need a calm parent [...]

Internet safety for children & teenagers

Prime time did an disturbing show on keeping our teens safe online  Now, is a good time to look at ways to keep our children/teens safe online Internet Safety for kids We need to talk with our children/teenagers about being safe online. Children/teens need boundaries to feel secure. The minimum age for Facebook and U Tube is 13 years, however these are the top two [...]

Single parenting at christmas time

Single or Divorced this Christmas? Where will the children spend Christmas Day? When do they get to see the other parent? Christmas for separated or divorced parents can be challenging. However, there are things you can do that will make a difference. With a little planning and thinking of the things that will help you to have a good time, you will be busy and enjoy [...]

Understanding Your Child’s Feelings

Children’s  feelings & the link to behaviour Connecting to your child’s feelings Some of us are better at this than others. If you had a parent, who tuned into how you felt and showed compassion and empathy when you were sad or upset, you are lucky. Many of us come from homes where there was a ban on emotional expression and the response to being [...]

4 Self Care Tips for Parents

Parents need to practice Self Care to reduce parental stress  Stress comes from a lack of self care Take care of yourself physically as otherwise you may get stressed and overloaded. Ask yourself ‘Am I minding myself?’ and if you are not; make some small changes.  Physical Self Care Do you push yourself hard? Slow down and let it go.. Find a half hour to [...]

Parenting the Parent

Every parent brings emotional baggage into their parenting Let’s look at some of our defences: Shy, Timid, Passive People pleasing/Approval seeking Perfectionist […]

Positive Discipline

Kind, Firm but not Cross Parenting works In working with parents, I can see that most of the time when a child is behaving badly, they feel bad in themselves. It can be that they need more time and attention from the parent, and they have found a way to get attention, through their behaviour. Another way to give them this attention is through positive [...]