What to do when you are about to ‘lose it’ and start shouting

How to Stay Calm and create a calmer house

My experience: If you want to go from being Reactive (raise your voice, shout, lose it etc) to Calm, do this!

Breathe to self Calm

Throughout the day, particularly when you’re about to go from 0-10, Stop, hand on lower tummy and focus on taking just 3 deep breaths, with the ‘out’ breath twice as slow as the ‘in’ breath. You are instantly calm, the heat is gone from the moment & your kids have stopped fighting and are now laughing as what Mum is doing – a Win/Win for everyone as humour and Distraction work in diffusing conflict anyway!

Junior Infants practising Mindfullness



Although we cannot change what has happened (E), we can change how we Respond (R) to the Event, and when you change your response, you change the Outcome (O)

When we change the way we look at things; the things we look at change!